Iman stone group

Manufacturer and exporter of decorative construction stones  

Iman stone group

This group turned to mining, exploration and extraction from stone mines in 1358 and opened its first stone quarry in 1369. This complex now has 11 quarries (Tarq travertine, Shahveri abagarm travertine, Dehshir travertine, Kashan chocolate travertine, Takab travertine, Golden Galaxy marble, Golden Black marble, Cheshme Sefid marble, Qorveh marble, Hastijan marble and Crystal Laybid) and 6 processing factories, in the form of slabs and tiles, have the ability to provide travertine and marble. The vision of Iman Stone Group is to become a well-known and reliable brand in the global stone market.

Iman stone factories

Equipped with six stone processing factories in the form of slabs and tiles

Manufacturer and exporter of decorative construction stones


Golden Galaxy marble stone

Golden Galaxy stone is another type of marble stone with a dark and black background, along with white and gold veins. The origin of this marble stone is only in Mahalat city, located in Central province. Golden Galaxy Mahalat marble can be used in all interior spaces of the building due to its color and design, very high resistance and low water absorption.

Using this stone in interior decoration gives indescribable glory and dignity to the space. Golden Galaxy marble is suitable for spaces such as paving stones for commercial, office and residential units, walls and interior facades, bathrooms, lobby flooring and hotel entrances, stairs and walkways, and making stone artifacts. With its beautiful and eye-catching appearance, Golden Galaxy marble has gained a very favorable position as soon as it enters the country's market. Also, due to the very reasonable price, this stone has been well received in the global market and Golden Black stone has a significant share in exports.

Application of Golden Galaxy marble

Today, the use of black stones in the interior design of buildings is much more than in the past. With its beautiful golden and white lines, Golden Galaxy black marble is used in many different cases such as cabinets, elevators, the space behind the TV and lobby, etc.

Features of Golden Galaxy black stone
Relatively high density
Suitable subduction
Polished and shiny surface
High abrasion resistance
High compressive strength
Relatively low water absorption
Unique appearance
Very reasonable price

 Iman stone  Group, through investment in the latest technology and the use of quality control tools and continuous monitoring to produce superior products with the long-standing respected manufacturers of the country in commercial and residential projects...

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